Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Do you have any requirements in choosing raw materials?

Yes at ZHUHONG Motors we take extra care when choosing raw materials to build high-quality motors. To do so, we need flawless raw materials.From ensuring that the wire used for motors is 100% copper to high-grade C&U bearings, our list of raw materials are also inspected and investigated for top performance. Our superlative raw materials also include silicon steel sheets at 800 cold-rolled grades.

2. What is the maximum power that the motor can achieve?

Depending on the type of motor you select, the maximum power can vary from one to another. With different series, the power and capabilities can vary. At present, the most powerful motor available in our inventory records 315KW on 355 frames.

3. How do you ascertain the quality of the products? What are the different methods for testing customized products?

At ZHUHONG, we have a finely-detailed inspection process that takes care of the QC process with laser-focus.

Starting from inspecting the raw materials upon arrival up till usage, our team of experts regulate the quality periodically. Other parts of the QC process includes Rotor Detection that involves dynamic balancing per motor followed by Stator Surge Tests that works on the failure of fault rates, No Load Current Detection via IQC inspection, Leakage Detection, and the Final Inspection.

When it comes to customized products, it undergoes all of the QC processes used for regular products. Finally, it’s assessed by a sample test before moving raw materials into mass production to ensure accuracy and precision.

4. How long is the warranty for motors?

If you’re worried about the performance of motors produced by ZHUHONG, the most important thing to keep in mind is that our QC processes are finely detailed. On top of it, we also provide one year warranty for all our motors, no questions asked. Send us an inquiry today to know more about it right away!

5. What type of packaging options do you offer?

We have a wide variety of packaging options for producing motors based on your demands and needs.

Once your order is confirmed, we can discuss different packaging materials ranging from plywood to fumigated wooden crates, colored boxes with foam, plywood pallets, and honeycomb boxes. These types of packaging options are readily available and customers can choose based on their individual concerns by talking with the concerned sales person.

It might interest you that our packaging standards qualify the European Standard Shipping and Packaging regulations.

6. Can you clarify the monthly production capacity?

When it comes to the production capacity of ZHUHONG Motors, our factory is well-structured and upgraded to produce up to 15,000 three-phase motors and up to 10,000 single-phase motors.