Maintenance manual of three-phase asynchronous motor

1) It should be kept clean frequently. Water droplets, oil dirt and flying dust are not allowed to fall into the inside of the motor;

(2) The load current of the motor is not allowed to exceed the rated value;

(3) Bearings lubricated by the oil ring should be checked frequently. Generally, before replacing the lubricating grease, the bearings and bearing caps should be cleaned with kerosene and then gasoline. The capacity of lubricating grease should not exceed 70% of the internal volume of the bearing;

(4) Whether the sound and vibration of each part of the motor are normal. If abnormality is found, check it in time;

(5) Whether the temperature of each part of the motor meets the regulations;

(6) ) If the cooling air of the motor is introduced from the outside, attention should be paid to whether the air pipeline is unobstructed, whether the connections are tight, and whether the valves in the pipeline are in the correct position;

(7) For wire-wound asynchronous motors, check whether the brushes are sparking. , if sparks are found, the surface of the slip ring should be cleaned, the smooth ring should be ground with No. 0 emery cloth, and the brush spring pressure should be corrected. For wound-type motors, the contact and wear between the brushes and slip rings should be checked;

(8) Check whether the grounding or zero connection of the chassis is good.


Single phase is 220 volts. The voltage between phase line and neutral line. The two phases are phase wires a and b or c. The phase voltage between them is 380. A common electrical appliance is a 380 welding machine. Three-phase is a phase-to-phase voltage of 380v between a.b.c. Electrical appliances are three-phase 380v motors or equipment. Convert alternating current into direct current. Motor capacitors cannot replace the exciter. The exciter is a stator coil, and a motor with carbon brushes and adjustable speed that can be rotated by sending power to the rotor coil at the same time.
Three-phase electricity is mainly used as a power source for electric motors, that is, loads that need to be rotated. Because the three phase differences of three-phase electricity are all 120 degrees. The rotor will not get stuck.

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